What will we do with the money?

Malaria 40 works in a lot of different projects, related to the alimentation, education and health of the children in Madagascar. The most relevant are the following:


"With 40.- we can offer treatment."

Malaria 40 offers (with the money received with projects and associations like SALT) free treatment to sick children from Malaria and other diseases, all through 32 medical centres. Some of them receive about 100 sick children that receive medical attention, medicines, hygiene material, blood transfusions, water and all other things they need to save their lives.

Children's mortality reaches 78'8%

Malaria is a disease that causes the highest children's mortality in the world. It spreads using a Plasmodium Falciparum parasite through the bite of an Anopheles mosquito. The disease can be prevented and cured. Every year 1000000 people die because of Malaria. Madagascar is a high-risk zone of children's mortality, with 78% less than 5-year children dying because of Malaria. 


"Sponsor is giving an opportunity to the future"

Most of the children in Madagascar would love to go to school, but their family situation makes it impossible.  Sponsor so that they can have a scholarship!! 

The donations help to pay the material, books, food...

The index of analphabetism elevates to 58'2% of the population (23'5% men and 34'7% women).

To sponsor a child, go to malaria40.org.

Nowadays, Malaria 40 has 28 sponsors. Send an email to info@malaria40.org detailing with of the formats you want to use (more information in malaria40.org!).

Education is the best way of development for the towns and to leave the extreme poorness they suffer.


"One plate a day"

Everyday Sor Jeanneatte cooks to feed about 1000 children in the social lunchroom from Tanjombato, near the capital Antananarivo.

We have been able to serve for more than 6000 plates already! 

Each plate is made by 100 grams rice, 30 grams legumes and 10 grams oil.

The price to feed one child during one whole month is 15.-€

Imagine you are the one who can only eat once a day, every day the same plate, only to survive. What are you waiting to stop the suffering from thousands of children that can't have anything better than this?

This, and much more! Visit malaria40.org for more information.

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